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9 Best MAC Lipsticks Of All Times


MAC being one of the classic favorite brands of every makeup lover offers a wide variety of lip products. MAC has a satin finish to matte lipsticks and glosses to liquid mattes.

This famous brand has a lot to offer to its customers and comes up with beautiful shades and formulas every once in a while.

Choosing lipstick shades can be really hectic and time-consuming, I often get confused because there are so many brands offering various formulas in an endless number of shades. Did you ever face the same problem?

So I am going to help you by listing the best Mac Lipsticks that are a must in every makeup lovers vanity. Also, these make a really good gift for your loved ones-Be it your mother, girlfriend, wife, sister or loved ones they are going to love it.


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This is a really pretty nude color which suits all Indian skin tones. It is a neutral color as it doesn’t have a pink tone or a brown one. Mocha is an everyday MAC lipstick that can be worn to office as well as a brunch date. Honestly, I feel this is the best MAC Lipstick ever. I have finished around four to five lipsticks of this shade in two years. Mocha can be paired up with a flattery pink blush along with mascara and you’re ready to go, It’s that beautiful.


Image credit: Nykaa

Shop: Nykaa MAC Cosmetics

The shade Mehr is an all-time favorite of MAC lovers and this again is a nude color. Now this shade has a very light purple-brown hue and when I say very light I mean really really light. It does look really pretty on all skin tones. Again this is an everyday MAC lipstick that looks stunning even without a base. I love using this shade along with other MAC lipsticks like Mocha and Kinda Sexy. It looks absolutely stunning. A thin layer of clear gloss can be also used over Mehr while going for a dewy look.


Shop: Nykaa MAC Cosmetics

This MAC lipstick though named as Relentlessly Red is more on a bright pink side with coral hue. This lipstick is from their Retro Matte range and obviously has a matte finish yet I don’t know if it’s just me, whenever I wear denim outfits I end up using this MAC lipstick. It’s perfect for lunch dates and goes well with floral dresses in summers. This is also a perfect shade for all Indian skin tones and can go with a lot of traditional outfits. It’s a must-have for the festive season.


Image credit: Nykaa

Shop:  Nykaa MAC Cosmetics

Again another nude shade, Velvet Teddy is a beautiful baby pink shade with a mild brown hue. This MAC Lipstick I can say is two shades lighter than Mocha. It’s a beautiful shade and goes well with Smokey eyes. It is better to use this shade with heavy eye makeup to give a well-balanced look. Now this shade is Matte although it isn’t completely drying which is a good thing about this lipstick.


Image credit: Nykaa

Shop:   Nykaa MAC Cosmetics

Kinda Sexy is a gorgeous Salmon pink color. This MAC Lipstick may not suit the ones with deep skin tones. I prefer to mix and play with it a little bit because this shade can be tricky for medium skin tones too balance your entire look. For the ones with a light skin tone, this is a really good nude color for everyday use too.

Try using this with Mehr and Velvet Teddy, it will give you a beautiful subtle pink color.


Image credit: Nykaa

Shop:   Nykaa MAC Cosmetics

This MAC Lipstick is a bright fuchsia that looks good on all skin tones. This shade will even compliment a basic winged eyeliner. This flirtatious color definitely isn’t for faint-hearted and grabs a lot of attention and helps in making a statement. See that your lips are exfoliated and hydrated before applying this MAC Lipstick. Also, this shade isn’t easily available everywhere.


Image credit: Nykaa

Shop:   Nykaa MAC Cosmetics

One of the best MAC Lipsticks ever-Ruby Woo is everyone’s favorite. It is a stunning red shade suites all skin tones and surprisingly looks different on every person. For this reason, it is one of the most famous red lipstick out in the market. This does have a slight blue hue that looks brighter on light skin toned people. If you want to buy just one lipstick from their collection then buy this one; I am sure it won’t let you or your expectations down.


Image credit: Nykaa

Shop: Nykaa MAC Cosmetics

One of the best shades for medium skin tone-Vegas Volt is an absolutely gorgeous everyday shade. The formula is creamy and hydrating. It is a bright coral shade and is perfect for floral or spring outfits. This MAC Lipstick is from their amplified lipstick range. Trust me, this is one of the best coral lipsticks I’ve ever seen.


Image credit: Nykaa

Shop: Nykaa MAC Cosmetics

This MAC lipstick is a deeper red shade that mostly suits medium-olive skin tone. This is from their cremesheen range and it has a semi-glossy finish which gives a really good plump effect to the lips. It is ultra creamy and moisturizing but sometimes may easily smudge because of the same. This was one of my first buys from MAC.

So these were some of the best MAC Lipsticks. I hope this blog proves useful to all my readers. Comment down your favorite lip product from MAC.

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