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Lush Haul – The Best Lush Products 2019

I managed to visit the Lush store in Auckland and bought quite a few products that I was always wanting to get my hands on. So here is my Lush haul

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lush store

Firstly, when I entered the Lush store I was amazed at how incredible it smelled. There was a huge section of skincare and a separate section for Lush bath bombs that looked gorgeous. Honestly, I felt like grabbing everything, But bought only some of them.

lush bath bombs new zealand


Intergalactic Lush Bath Bomb

Intergalactic Bath Bomb

As the label reads Intergalactic is inspired by space pirates and intergalactic funk. This lush bath bomb looked absolutely stunning on the rack and I couldn’t resist myself and just picked it. The smell need I tell you, is amazing.

Intergalactic Lush Bath Bomb
It smells very peppermint-y as it has peppermint oil as well as Grapefruit oil, Vetiver oil, Cedar wood oil along with Cream of tartar. All these ingredients have really good relaxing and moisturizing properties, they leave you with soft and supple skin. This bath bomb gives a beautiful shimmery blue color to the water and looks magical.

Price: NZD 10.90 = INR 490


Black Rose Lush Bath Bomb

Black Rose Bath Bomb

And the second product is again a bath bomb. How gorgeous is this bath bomb. The brand describes this as a richly romantic Turkish rose and lemon love story. And I totally agree as it truly conditions even the driest skin.

Black Rose Lush Bath Bomb
This is because it has a great amount of organic cocoa butter which makes it suitable to use even during the winters. Rose oil, Geranium oil, Lemon oil make it an absolute treat for the skin leaving you with a fresh and fragrant skin.

Price: NZD 11.90=INR 535


Lush Herbalism – Cleanser

Herbalism - Cleanser

It is actually meant for oily or acne-prone skin as it contains ground almonds which help in gentle exfoliation to balance excess oil. But it works great for combination skin as well and is my new favorite.

lush products
It is claimed to be hundred percent natural by Lush and has Kaolin, Chlorophyllin water, Rice bran, Rose absolute, Rosemary and Rice vinegar extract along with couple of oils like Chamomile oil and Sage oil.
It is in sort of paste form that requires a little bit of water to be mixed with before cleansing. Leaves your skin clean and fresh after using it.

NZD 20.50= INR 922


Lush Mask of Magnaminty

Mask of Magnaminty

This is one of the most famous lush products that everyone raves about so I had to buy this one. It is very calming and clears out most of the breakouts and spots. Mask of Mangnaminty is actually multipurpose mask and can be generally used by all skin types. It contains Evening Primrose seeds which are an excellent exfoliant.

Best Lush Products

You might have a slight tingly sensation on its application for a few minutes but it’s totally normal. It contains Vanilla absolute which helps in reducing the redness and leaving clear skin. You have to be generous while using this mask as it requires a thicker layer of application for best results.

NZD 20.50= INR 922


Lush Outback Mate Soap Bar

Honestly, this is one of the most gorgeous lush products you could ever get your hands on. It smells so fabulous as it is infused with Eucalyptus. It leaves your skin soft and conditioned as it has Rapeseed oil along with Coconut and Peppermint oil too. Soap bars are priced according to their weight at the lush store.

Lush Outback Mate Soap Bar

The attendant was so kind and also gave me a couple of samples of the products I wanted to try.

NZD 8.50=INR 382


Lush Dark Angels


Now, this is one of the most raved exfoliating cleansers of all times. It is a face and body cleanser suitable for combination to oily skin types. Now, this cleanser did disappoint a lot of people as it left a stain on their skin. So make sure you patch test before the actual use. It helps in removing dry skin and flaky skin.However, I prefer Herbalism over this and I don’t think I would be purchasing this next time.


Lush Dream Cream

Lush Dream Cream

Since I have eczema the salesperson suggested me to try this body cream. I have to say it’s very moisturizing and conditioning although it smells like an Indian herbal cream. So when I checked its ingredients I was surprised to see that it is completely vegan and has Oat milk which helps in soothing the irritated skin. I am definitely going to buy this very soon.
You can also buy lush online on Lushusa , Lushnz , Lushuk and Lushca.

So guys this was my Lush haul, this haul includes some of the best lush products and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please comment what product you would enjoy using from this haul and also if you want me to do hauls from a particular brand.

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