9 Drinking Games For Two People Everyone Should Play


We all have those nights where you both will have absolutely nothing to do. Almost everyone loves some good drinking games for two people.

Sometimes, playing drinking games like truth or dare or drink with big groups of people would be very interesting than playing a game just for two people. However, games make those time interesting and fun.

Popular Drinking Games For Two People

There are some fun drinking games for friends or couples.

Few games and cold ones with your close ones can lead to a lot of memories.

High or Low

For our first game, you might need a deck of cards or a card deck app your phone.

This game falls under the group of drinking card games for two people, and it’s a very simple and awesome game. You will have one player who deals a card from the deck and then the second player guesses whether the next dealt card is going to be lower or higher than the current one.

Here’s the fun, if the player guesses right then the dealer drinks, and if the player is wrong then they drink.

“Never Have I Ever…”

For this game, you might need a drink of your choice and at least one other person. It’s one of the coolest drinking games. The way you play it is one player states something that he or she has never done before, for example, Never have I ever been so drunk and fell on the stairs.

If the other person has done this before, they must take a drink and they switch places. Then the roles get switched,

This game will create some interesting conversations, and you’ll get to know each other better. This game works well for big groups too.

Two Truths and a Lie Game


This is a drinking game for two people without cards, this game is actually what it sounds like. It’s an awesome game and sparks up some awesome conversations. This game can be played with anyone you know well, or want to know each other better.

The rules of this game are; the First player makes three statements about them, two of which have to true and one a lie.

The second player, on the other hand, guesses which one of the statement is a lie, if he gets it correct, the first player drinks, if he is wrong, he drinks, and switch the turns. This is an awesome fun game too.

“I’m Going on a Picnic . . .”

This is a memory game. Go through the alphabet naming things you’d bring on a picnic, adding one more item per turn.

                 Person A: I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing Apples.

                 Person B: I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing Apples and Bananas.

                 Person A: I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing Apples, Bananas, and Coffee.

When someone makes a mistake, You both will have to drink but, The one who made the mistake will have to drink 2x more than another person.

Caps in the Cup

Alex Frank

For this game, you need a bottle cap and two medium or big cups of beer. This game is kinda similar to beer pong, sit on the opposite sides, place a cup of beer on each side and take turns and try to throw the bottle cap into the cup of beer.

If you get the cap into the beer cup, the other person has to drink their whole cup of beer. Now that’s a Fun game!

Truth or Dare or Drink

Robert Wehrli

A spin on the normal version of Truth or Dare, one person picks truth or dare. If he or she picks the truth, but they don’t want to answer the question asked, the person must have a drink.

If he or she picks the dare and doesn’t want to complete the given task, the person must have a drink. You can switch turns to do this.

If there are a group of people, You will need a bottle, choose which end indicates truth & dare,

you can spin the bottle and pick the two players.

Here are some truth or dare questions you can ask:

Truth Questions

-Do you have a crush on anyone?

-Who is the last person you called?

-Who was your very first crush?

-When was the last time you peed on the bed?

-Who is the last person who called you?

-Who is the last person you kissed?

-Who is the last person you texted?

-Who is one friend that you have had a crush on?

-What is the biggest trouble that you were ever in till now?

-Who was your first kiss?

-What is the biggest secret that you have hidden from your parents?

-Do you sleep naked or with clothes on?

-What is one thing that everyone loves that you hate?

-Have you ever cheated on anyone?

-What is the worst thing that you have lied about?

-Do you drool when you sleep?

-What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you ever?

-What is your biggest fear?

-Who is your celebrity crush?

-What is the scariest dream that you have ever had?

-Describe the perfect guy or girl for you.

-When is the last time that you cried?

-Would you ever date someone a lot older than you?


-I dare you to prank call someone you know.

-I dare you to lick a bar of soap now.

-I dare you to dance with no music playing for one minute.

-I dare you to pick your nose and eat what you find.

-I dare you to change your relationship status to married if you are not married. Or if you are in a relationship or are married, change your relationship status to single.

-I dare you to go outside and tell the first person you see that you love them.

-I dare you to go outside and do the chicken dance for a whole minute.

-I dare you to eat a whole spoonful of mustard.

-I dare you to have 3 shots.

Flip the Cup

This game is usually played with a group of players. However, it can also join the two-player drinking games zone too. The rules are quite simple; Two players chug down a beer from a plastic cup. They compete for first to finish the cup, and then they place the cups upside down on the edge of the table.

The rim of the cup must be hanging out over the edge of the table, so the two players can compete to see who turn the cup right-side up just by flicking their overhanging rim of the cup.

Shot – Shot – Shot

Christin Urso

This is in drinking games for two, It’s the same as tic-tac-toe, instead of X’s and O’s, play with beer & some other shots (3 each).

The one who does it in a row is the winner and another player must drink the 3 shots!

The Power Hour

This is one heavy and fun game if you want to get wasted, but it’s more likely you might have a hangover in the morning. The goal is to drink one shot of beer for every minute, that’s 60 shots of beer in 60 minutes.

Whoever makes it through the entire hour is the winner. However, they might feel like a loser in the morning after.

Now that you know these awesome fun drinking games for two people, get ready to with your fresh cold ones, grab your best mate and have fun! But don’t forget to drink responsibly.

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