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9 Delicious Food Items In Harry Potter


Harry Potter is known for several things, food is sadly not one of them. But there is no denying that the food items in Harry Potter make our mouths water, whether it is the way they are shown in the movies or the way they are deliciously described in the books, they surely seem to increase our cravings and adds to the reasons to want to live in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

9 Delicious Food Items In Harry Potter

1. Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans


Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans – A risk with every mouthful!” is pretty much the right way to advertise these candies. You could get a bean as tasty as chocolate, peppermint or marmalade or something as terrible as liver, tripe or spinach, after all it is a risk with every mouthful. Albus Dumbledore once came across a vomit flavored one, but if you are lucky you could have a nice coffee flavored one.

2. Harry’s birthday cake


Hagrid might not be the best of cooks, but the man can bake. When Harry drew his cake in the sand on his birthday, it brought tears to all our eyes, but we thankfully Hagrid got him the perfect cake and news we all hope to get someday, about being a wizard. I know the cake doesn’t look like the best cake ever with the misspelled “Hapee Birthday Harry” but when we see Dudley eat the cake like there is no tomorrow, we have proof of it being amazing.

3. Liquorice wand


Liquorice is delicious, but when it is in the shape of a wand, it is twice as delicious. When Harry, while traveling to Hogwarts for the first time, buys the entire trolley of food (which was so totally a flex btw), liquorice is also one of the sweets. Liquorice wands are sold on the Hogwarts express food trolleys, at Honeydukes sweet shop in Hogsmeade. According to Ron, liquorice wand is way too expensive but I’m sure if you have enough of it it’s worth the money.

4. Chocolate Frogs


You knew it was going to be on this list, you were just wondering when weren’t you? Chocolate frogs are considered one of the most famous sweets in “harry potter”. It is also considered one of the tastiest, besides the fact that it is shaped like a frog and also hops. It also comes in white chocolate form. The collectible cards with the most famous wizards or witches is just like a cherry on top. The students of Hogwarts exchange or trade the cards.

5. Hogwarts Express Chocolate Bar


Can you blame me for including chocolate again in the list? Remember when you craved for chocolate when you watched Remus give harry a bar of chocolate after being attacked by the dementors? Chocolate is not only one of the most delicious thing to eat but also helps calm the effect of contact with dementors

6. Lamb chops


Lamb chops were presented in the first Hogwarts feast that we come across. Hermione couldn’t help but help herself to those lamb chops while Harry and Ron watched in shock. We can’t blame her though, wouldn’t we all love to help ourselves to some lamb chops?

7. Mashed Potatoes


No, I don’t think Harry would have eaten raw potatoes, the mashed, boiled, baked and roasted potatoes are what we are talking about. Potatoes in any form are amazingly mouthwatering. A nice plate of mashed potatoes and gravy could turn up your appetite from a 0 to a hundred real fast.

8. Acid pops


I suggest you not eat acid pops unless you or someone you know has magical powers. Acid pops are normal Muggle lollipops but they just burn a hole through your tongue, no biggie am I, right? Although hole can be cured easily through the magic that doesn’t mean it isn’t painful through have a hole burn through your tongue. Ron became the butt of the prank played by his brother Fred when he gave a seven-year-old Ron an acid pop. But the scary and dangerous part about acid pops doesn’t make it any less tasty, or does it?

9. Jelly slugs


Jelly slugs are just a longer version of gummy worms, and there is no denying that gummy worms are the freaking best. They are very popular among sweets. They are found in Honeydukes’ sweetshop. It is undoubtedly one of the best food items in Harry Potter.

Looking at these tasty foods, my appetite has definitely increased by a hundred. I hope it did the same for you.

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