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11 Perfect Songs For Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Whether or not you have a date this Valentine’s Day, but you have to agree that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. It is the one day, all the hopeless romantics get to come out of their shells and go all the way to express their love to their significant other. Remember those good old days when one used to make a mixtape for their partner and that was the most romantic gesture? Well, you still can do that, but this time instead of giving them a cassette, you can make them a playlist, which you can listen to at your dinner date. If you are single, that doesn’t mean that you miss out on all the fun, you can jam to romantic songs while still enjoying your single lifestyle. We have a list of songs perfect for Valentine’s Day to help you out.


1. Like I’m Gonna Lose You

songs for valentines day

“Wherever we’re standing I won’t take you for granted”

This song is a perfect mixture of sadness and romance. If you love slow dancing, then this song is definitely for you. Everyone needs someone who will love them, always, someone who will laugh with them during good times and someone who will be their shoulder to cry on when they are sad. If you think this is your partner then you are one hell of a lucky person. Show them that you love them by singing them this song.


2. Can we kiss forever?


“All my senses intensified whenever you and I, we dive I crossed the ocean of my mind”

‘Can we Kiss Forever?’ is the kind of song that will be playing in the background on a rainy night, when you are cozy in a car, while your partner is driving. That is probably the best way to describe it. If you and your beloved are suckers for good tunes and an amazing beat drop, then this is definitely a song for you.


3. Make You Mine

best songs for valentines day

“Put your hand in mine you know that I want to be with you all the time”

This song by PUBLIC is the perfect song to recklessly dance to. It has this 80’s – 90’s feel to it that leaves us craving for more. This is also something two best friends turned lovers would enjoy.


4. Lover

Valentines day mixtape

Speaking of a lover, ‘Lover’ by Taylor Swift is one of the most beautiful love songs to have ever existed.

“All’s well that ends well to end up with you Swear to be overdramatic and true to my lover”

These beautiful lyrics accompanied by the beautiful voice of Taylor Swift is definitely the perfect love song.


5. Keeping it in the dark

love songs for Valentines Day

“Falling asleep and waking up with the stars it’s our little secret we’re keeping it in the dark”

Are you a sucker for a good thrill once in a while? Lovers in secrecy might possibly be the thrill that you are looking for. This track from “13 reasons why” makes us feel the rush of teenage love.


6. I think I’m in love

Sings for valentines day

“Lately colors seems so bright And the stars light up the night”

Do you think you are in love? Well what better way to tell your partner about this, than telling them on Valentine’s Day, that too with a song? This song by Kat Dahlia gives us the early 2010’s feels.


7. Seeing Blind

love songs for valentines day

“Now you’re too good to be all mine Now I’m looking in your eyes Oh, I must be seeing blind”

Do you sometimes wonder if all this is a lie because it is just too good to be true? Are you extremely thankful for your partner? Then this song will definitely put to words, what you are feeling.


8. New Obsession

Perfect Songs For Valentine’s Day

“No I don’t want to be your best friend just let me be your new obsession”

Now this is for all the single guys and girls out there who have got crushes on a particular guy or girl. This is a bold song to jam to on Valentine’s. It is one of the perfect songs for Valentine’s day.


9. Anti-Everything

love songs for this valentines day

“I’m anti-everything, but I love you I’m miserable ’til you walk into the room”

Do you hate every minute that you spend away from your loved one? Well you are in for a treat. This song portrays the role of someone who hates almost everything and it is confusing her that why does she hate everything but her lover.


10. Sweater Weather

playlist for valentines day

“The goose bumps start to raise the minute that my left hand meets your waist”

Like the name suggests, get comfortable with your partner while it’s pouring outside and play this song. Now that seems like it’s out of a movie, doesn’t it? Well that doesn’t make it unrealistic.


11. Don’t deserve you


“You’re quick to forgive when I make a mistake you love me in the blink of an eye” This underrated song definitely deserves more recognition. Express to your love how thankful you are for them through this song.

I hope our list of perfect songs for Valentine’s Day helped you out. Remember, not everyone needs to have a partner to feel fulfilled. Some feel happier with a partner and some are just as happy with themselves. So this Valentine’s day, put yourself first, you need to love yourself before you love anyone else.

Have a very wonderful, great and a pleasant Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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