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7 Reasons Why You Have To Binge Watch Riverdale

Netflix has been regarded as a total game-changer in the entertainment world. If you thought Vampire Diaries would be the last drama series you would be binge-watching, then you’re definitely wrong.
Riverdale with a great storyline and a talented cast has taken teen drama series to a whole new level. The story is based on the life of teens in Riverdale, a quaint town where peace was interrupted by horrific incident-death of Jason Blossom.
Not convinced to watch the series yet?

Let me give you’ll more reasons for you to binge watch Riverdale.


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Riverdale is one of the most popular shows running on CW and Netflix. Its characters are inspired from Archie Comics. Now honestly who hasn’t read at least read one issue of Archie Comics, so if you have ever read them you will be familiar with most of the characters.

Archie Andrews, Jughead, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge are the lead actors of Riverdale. This show has bagged some massive titles consecutively for a couple of years at TEEN CHOICE AWARDS since the show aired.


Credit: Netflix
The story focuses on the lives of teens at Riverdale High; How they solve the mysterious death of Jason Blossom and an ugly truth of Blossoms Maple business. In season 2 with many new characters entering and also many murdered by a serial killer The BlackHood, Archie and his gang leave no stone unturned in finding out the mystery behind numerous murders in town.
I feel it’s mostly in Season 3, when most of the questions get answered and things turn very ugly.I have got to say the writers of this show are very creative they literally have such a good imagination and reasoning. And I like how they connect the incidents and lives of these teens in such a good way.


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Okay honestly I’ve read a little bit of Archie comics but the story is not similar to the series. Most of the characters have been modernized. While “the comic book Archie” is all happy and wise, in the series we see him getting involved in some real trouble because of his bad decisions (I am not going to spoil it for you).Betty remains the favorite student at Riverdale High like in the comics yet we can see her facing depression, in short, we can also get to see The Dark Betty and she is in love with Jughead, not Archie;so we won’t get to see a love triangle between the three and also B&V are best friends.
Jughead will be seen munching a lot of hamburgers(his love for food remains the same) while he solves many cases with Betty and the rest of the gang.


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Riverdale undoubtedly has the best cast and all the actors are extremely talented and versatile. While Riverdale showcases the fresh talent of young and upcoming actresses like Lili Reinhart(Betty) and Madelaine Petsch(Cheryl), it also has the famous Disney star Cole Sprouse(Jughead) and Luke Perry who was a 90’s heartthrob- plays the role of Archie’s father, Fred Andrews.
Gorgeous Camila Mendes (Veronica) can be seen fighting against her father and his evil plans and saving her lover boy Archie. Riverdale cast has some great singers like KJ Apa(Archie), Ashleigh( Josie), Camila Mendes(Veronica) who have given some amazing songs to the show like I’LL TRY, CANDY GIRL, MAD WORLD, etc.


Credit: Netflix
This should be the sole reason for you to watch Riverdale. The suspense the series creates through horrific yet interesting incidents is the best part of Riverdale. The story captivates the viewers and never disappoints you; there is always something cooking in Riverdale and please don’t be shocked if things don’t turn out to be how you thought it would.


Credit: Netflix
The series not only shows amazing friendship but also a steamy romance between Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz and also between Kevin Keller and Moose in Season 3. I really appreciate the fact that the makers have addressed such matters in a wonderful way and honestly how often do you get to see this on television!
Credit: Netflix
The best reason to watch Riverdale maybe Betty and Jughead’s sweet innocent romance. Cole and Lili look absolutely adorable together. They are undoubtedly the best couple in the series. Jug and Betty support each other and help one another in their difficult times.
They can be seen solving many cases together and also writing for the Riverdale High School’s Newspaper-“The Blue and Gold”.
Riverdale has 3 seasons so far and honestly, I can’t wait for season 4.The flashback scene of the gang’s spring break shown in season 3 finale has raised so many questions, I hope the coming season is as promising as the previous seasons. Suggest a few TV Series for me to binge watch in the comments. Now, what are you waiting for? Start watching Riverdale, will you?
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