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9 Amazing Benefits Of Cocoa


On the vast land of Africa, stand tall a strong, wide barked tree, taking in all the energy it can from the crisp sunlight that falls on it. With months of love and care from the farm help, the water that nourishes the roots and the sunlight that it takes in, after all the efforts is born, a perfect pod on cocoa.

This pod is then plucked by the gentler hands and then the seeds are separated from its pod. The seed is let to dry under the heat of the sun and then roasted at high temperatures, followed by which, these lovely brown seeds are crushed and ground to make rich cocoa powder. Such is the beauty and process of cocoa. Cocoa has so many benefits that go unnoticed almost all the time. Here is a blog for you with the benefits of cocoa that you should know, except for the fact that they go into chocolates!


Are you worried about how your growing age makes you look older than you actually are? You sure didn’t know about cocoa until Then! Cocoa is known to slow down the aging process and give you a young-looking shine. This prominent chocolate ingredient is one of those food items with the highest amount of antioxidants. It not only slows down aging but also protects your skin from inflammation because of the UV rays.


Cocoa is abundantly blessed with Flavonoids. Flavonoids are purely plant-based nutrients that aid in reducing blood pressure. How does it do that? Well, it’s pretty simple! All it does is, it opens up the blood vessels and allows blood to flow more easily. This way the blood pressure remains under check. Not just that, it is an excellent help to benefit individuals with cardiovascular diseases.


Cocoa which is king element in dark chocolate is rich in vitamins and minerals. Now you know why your gym trainer let you have a bite of dark chocolate when you craved for some sweets! With Iron, Magnesium and Zinc cocoa can be more than just a dessert ingredient. As mentioned before, flavonoids are the antioxidants that are present in cocoa which will help you a long way. Not Just That, cocoa also has in it minerals that will help in keeping up with your health.


New research has it’s findings that the flavanols in cocoa can reduce insulin sensitivity. It improves blood sugar levels and reduces inflammation in both diabetic and non-diabetic people. Cocoa has proven to cure Type 2 Diabetes.



Hungry? Chocolate. Sad? Chocolate. Tired? Grab a chocolate drink. Frustrated? Chocolate! No matter what the mood is, chocolates are always up for grabs! So it’s not an unknown fact to us that cocoa is a mood lifter! With loads of anti-oxidants, they also act as an antidepressant. Not just you, if you find your close ones in a bad mood, you know exactly what to gift!


Provided you are working out, cocoa helps you lose weight in the form of dark chocolate! Your trainer will have put you on a strict diet. But post your workout session, you may feel the urge of eating something sweet. Instead, you can resort to dark chocolates! It will not only improve your blood circulation but also cut your sweet craving!


If you were thinking that cocoa had just health benefits, then this is for you! Cocoa helps improve your skin health by improving the rate of oxygen retention. It also keeps your skin hydrated and maintains moisture levels too. This feature of cocoa is why this element is found in most of the skin moisturizers.  Along with an amazing chocolaty fragrance, it meets up with your daily skin needs.


Sulfur is one of the essential minerals found in cocoa. Sulfur is also an important element for hair health. Consuming cocoa powder can make your hair grow well and make it look lively, strong and shiny. Applying a cocoa mask also helps cover your grey strands! Regular use of cocoa powder on your hair can darken the color of your hair strands. In a few months, you are all set to rock with your brand new shiny hair!


Troubled with occasional breakouts? Pimple and acme causing a lot of irritation? Then give the cocoa powder a try! Cocoa powder controls inflammation and soothes the skin. It also exfoliates and clears dead skin cells helping your skin to become firmer and a lustrous shine on your face.

The benefits and uses of cocoa are countless. And it’s no surprise! The first pod of cocoa takes 5 years to grow on a cocoa tree. That is a really long time and calls for immense care and months of hard work. That is how a pod is grown which eventually makes its way to packaging. Now it’s in your hands, to make use of the unlimited benefits these magic beans have to give us!

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