9 Benefits Of Green Tea


Green tea is a tea that is made from the leaves of a plant species called the Camellia sinensis. Green tea is packed with great benefits to the body. Surprisingly, green tea is the second most-consumed drink in the world, followed by coffee and sodas. You might want to switch to drinking green tea in the morning instead of your coffee after you read all the benefits of green tea listed below.

Green tea is a drink that has been a favorite of many. Some people even suggest drinking two to three cups of green tea in a day. Without any delay, here are 9 benefits of green tea that will change your life.


Green tea is prepared using unfermented leaves. Studies suggest that a type of antioxidant found in green tea is known to prevent high cholesterol levels in the human body. The positive effects of green tea may not appear immediately. For the benefits to show, one must consume green tea on a regular basis, at least once a day.


Although there is no solid proof of green tea not causing cancer, some studies may show a link between green tea and reduced risk of cancer. Green tea is filled with flavonoids which are those chemicals that prevent and fight against cancer. They significantly fight those cells which may cause cancer, including skin, lung, colon and even bladder cancers.


Research shows that green tea has an extremely positive effect on the performance of athletes. Green tea is a great source of energy, quicker recovery from injuries and better functioning of the nervous system. Athletes normally depend on caffeine in coffee and in energy drinks for the immediate boost of energy. But, according to the studies conducted, green tea far more useful to the performance of the athletes because of its delivery of antioxidants. It also does not consist of preservatives and added sugars.


As mentioned above, because green tea does not contain added sugars or preservatives, it is highly beneficial to diabetic patients, specifically those with type II diabetes. Green tea helps the cells to metabolize and absorb the sugar better. A study also shows that those who consumed more cups of green tea in their lifetime were 30% less likely to get diabetes. Green tea consists of antioxidants called the Polyphenols, which help in controlling diabetes.


Green tea is one of the most commonly used food/drinks to lose weight. Drinking green tea before exercising is directly connected to more calories burned after the workout. A study also showed that consuming green tea burned fat during rest as well as during movement. But, just because green tea is responsible for burning fat, don’t assume it will get you in the right shape. Regular exercise along with a side of green tea will definitely help you lose weight.


A number of studies conducted on green tea showcase its positive effect on a heart. Green tea has been known to significantly reduce cardiovascular diseases. Green tea can prevent the possibility of strokes.


A study shows that green tea is linked to lower development of high blood pressure in people. Drinking green tea up to three times in a day for at least three months straight can reduce blood pressure. Although green tea is a great option for lowering high blood pressure, it must not be substituted for medical prescriptions required for the condition. Green tea can be consumed regularly and can be substituted for the morning coffee.


Green tea helps to keep your body well hydrated, only when it is not consumed in excess. When green tea is brewed, it does not contain any milk, hence it can be sipped on. It will help you maintain your hydration levels at a high. Green tea is a great alternative for any sodas that may contain high sugars. But, do not substitute it for water. Water is a must and is much more important than green tea, but drinking green tea along with water will not hurt you.


Because it is packed with antioxidants, green tea is well known for being anti-inflammatory. Green tea masks help to soothe the skin and give it a healthy glow. Its antibacterial property helps to clear acne. It helps in achieving smooth textured skin. Green tea masks around the eyes help to de-puff the puffy eyes in the morning. Overall, green tea helps in brightening your skin.

We hope you learned something new from all the benefits of green tea that we explained to you. Be sure to stay updated on the new blogs.

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