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Best Food Places To Visit In New Zealand

Travelling isn’t just about sight seeing, it is a perfect blend of rich cultural experiences, adventure and tasting the food the place has to offer. On my recent tour to New Zealand, I visited quite a lot of food places and have listed the best food places to visit in New Zealand.



Never heard of this? Then you’re surely missing out on a lot of things. Fergburger is popular throughout the world for its juicy meat burgers. They also have a few options for the vegetarians.

Best Food Places To Visit In New Zealand
These burgers range roughly around NZ$13-NZ$20. There might be a little bit of waiting as this place is always busy, but its definitely worth the wait.

fergburger menu

Quick Tip– Check on google for a least crowded hour the day you’re going.
Must try – Bombay Chicken, Cock Cajun.


food places in new zealand

Cookie time cookies are famous throughout the country and you can actually grab a jumbo cookie for NZ$3 in any departmental store. It’s crunchy yet chewy.

cookie bar

Now, CookieBar is a place where you get a huge variety of Cookies, Cookiedough Icecream, Crazy Instagram-y shakes.

cookie bar new zealand

A postcard along with a box of cookies can be sent to your friends or relatives residing anywhere in the world just for NZ$10. Isn’t that cool?

Best Food Places To Visit In New Zealand

Quick tip – These cookies make a great gift for your friends and relatives back home and so make sure you buy some for them.
Must try – Hot milk and cookies, classic choco chip cookie dough


Best Food Places To Visit In New Zealand

The best ice cream in Auckland or I can say in New Zealand. This ice cream parlour is run by Giapo himself along with his wife. At first, you’ll be allowed to taste all the flavours.

giapo menu

Now make sure you mention if you’re allergic to something like nuts or you don’t want to taste flavours that have alcohol. The ice creams here are a bit expensive but they’re the best.

They have a wide variety of flavours and also creative cones for an extra charge.

giapo ice cream sanviable

Quick Tip – The quantity of ice cream is really a lot and you might want to share it with someone.
Must try – Chocolate evolution, Nz HokeyPokey.


This ice cream parlour has a pretty good range of sorbets, gelato and flavoured ice cream made from real milk and high-grade ingredients. Honestly, this is the creamiest Ice cream I’ve ever tried and the place has a good ambience.

Patagonia's Ice Creamery & Chocolaterie
I tried four famous flavours which have won a number of awards for Patagonia-Banana Split, Raspberry Sorbet, Mascarpone Cheese, Tramontana.

Patagonia's Ice Cream

Quick Tip – They may close early due to weather conditions (usually in late autumn and winter season).
Must try – Tramontana flavour is really divine and also do try the Raspberry Sorbet.


Your trip must include these best food places to visit in New Zealand and it will definitely be memorable as these places offer the finest quality food. I would definitely go to all of these places if I ever go back to New Zealand. Let me know in the comments which place is on your wish list.


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