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39 Ways To Wish Someone A Happy Birthday

Well, have you ever heard of the stars conspiring in favour of some human?
Ever experienced sheer glee that it would only last a day? Has there been a day many years ago someone wonderful graced this earth?
Haha, you got me.
We all have this undeniable feeling in us that automatically erupts in our tummies a couple of days before the most looked forward day in the entire 365 you’ve put up with or are yet to unfold.
Is there any other thing that literally doesn’t surprise a person any lesser than that of colourfully wrapped gifts? Is there another more soothing scenario than that of a person blowing off the candles on his birthday cake? Yes! It’s that time of the year where all us are on our toes to make sure nobody has forgotten our birth anniversary.
Good god, did you know ‘ Happy Birthday’ is one of the most common phrases ever used?
Of course, you did!

ways to wish happy birthday

If there’s one thing every soul living in this big wide world is entitled to, it is by all means his Birthday or a day to signify his birth or might be considered as a day to mark the victory of a foetus upon surviving in a human uterus and finally making it out of that dark pit and into this big bright world.
Oh my god, I just realised that my birthday isn’t far and I’ve got soo many things to accomplish and soo many plans to make.
Birthdays are definitely happy hours in everyone’s lives but isn’t it equally scary that come each birthday, you are only and only racing towards that ugly truth of growing old?

Ageing is horrifying but our years of learning and messing up all throughout that phase makes it all the more fun. 

Well, let’s not overthink but slide past all the ways in which we could just make someones day with the right words and sentences.
Here are a few unique and inspiring birthday wishes that can make your loved ones smile a little wider and laugh a little louder.

1) Here’s Hoping that growing a year older makes you one step wiser and lucky. Happy birthday to the most amazing person I’ve know!

2) Let’s try and make Ageing sound less creepy. Happy birthday, love! Have fun and spread your jazz everywhere.

3) I wish you all the good things in this whole wide world. Happy birthday to you!

4) Watching you grow older every year has been fascinating. I’ve watched you fall, cry and get back up strong. Let’s hope this spirit of yours never lessens.

5) It’s surreal and joyous to have been with you all these years. I wish you nothing but the best in life. Happy birthday to that someone who’s been a true inspiration all throughout.

6) I can only pray that you remain healthy, wealthy and wise always. Happy birthday. Have fun.

7) I wish with all my heart that all your wishes come true today. Here’s hoping that you’ll grow into an amazing person in the years to come.

8) I wish all you the luck, love and happiness that there is in the world. I also wish you bounce back from the dark times and cherish the good ones. Happy birthday and keep slaying.

9) I honestly hope that you will be showered with enough blessings and peaceful times all throughout this wonderful year and the years that follow. Do make sure you wish for many more birthdays to come! Happy birthday beautiful.

10) I pray that you’ll be just as crazy, pretty and cool today and every day. Here’s wishing you the best of birthdays and even better health. Stay happy and bold.

11) I’m so grateful to God for helping you come this far! What’s stopping you now? You’re having the major say now. You-18 Death-0. Keep growing strong and wise every day, every year.

12) You spread you dazzle where ever you go. Keep that going always. Happy birthday to you! Have a fun life.

13) I can’t wait to grow Old, Gray and toothless with you. Let’s keep taking the world by storm. Let’s check off all that’s on our bucket lists. Happy birthday best friend!

14) Here’s wishing that one day you’ll have more candles to blow than cake to eat. Wishing you Nothing but glorious times. Keep chilling, keep growing.

15) Don’t forget to have an awful amount of fun and food today. You’d make a great adult. Can’t wait for you to get broke and more charming. Happy birthday handsome.

16) To many more happy memories and a gazillion jokes to crack. Here’s to us coming this far and here’s to you for always sticking around. Love you like no other. Happy birthday to the loveliest person alive.

17) Life is challenging. Life is unpredictable. So don’t ever compromise on the fun parts that it offers you. Make the most of every day and keep growing more beautiful in the days to come. Love you loads.

18) I can’t seem to think of how soon you grew up! Here’s to you ageing almost miraculously and gorgeously. Happy Birthday to you.

19) You don’t turn 19 every day! So when you do, wreak the best havoc and do all that you wish for. Happy birthday, love. 

20) Keep ducking all the hard times and keep adding all your achievement up your hat. Love you like mad. Hope you know that watching you grow will always make me smile wider. Happy birthday, dearest.

21) To the most annoying yet awesome person, I am friends with. You came this far. You got this pal! Let’s make the growing up part of the life sound as classy as ever! Happy Birthday, Friend.

22) You seem like one hell of a contender in this game of life. Stay the same and spread that zeel everywhere. Happy birthday to this braveheart that makes me want to improve all the time.

23) Happy Birthday to someone who brings out the best in everyone. May you be as beautiful and tough as always. I look up to you in many ways. Love you, dear.

24) Wishing you a truckload of positivity, peace of mind and eternal strength. May grow to be an inspiration to everyone around you. Happy birthday!

25) You make me proud, you make me happy, you drive me crazy. You’re one a kind. You’re the kind of person everyone deserves to befriend. Here’s wishing you lots of happiness and very happy birthday.

26) May you be in the pink of heath until as long as infinity stretches. You’re every kind of beautiful. May we learn to embrace our blemishes and accept all that life throws at us. Happiest birthday wishes to you.

27) You enlighten me. You entertain me. May there come a day wherein you’ll be proud of yourself for where you are. I’m glad I know someone who sees the good in every soul. Wishing you a cheerful birthday and many soulful days.

28) Here’s hoping you are gifted with an abundance of goodness and grace. You’re amazing and fit into every other adjective. Many more birth anniversaries to go and many more tough times to tackle along your way. Wishing you a memorable birthday today.

29) On this day a couple of years ago an amazingly cheeky person came into existence. You made it all worthwhile. Blessing you with many more hurdles to overcome and accolades to collect. Here’s wishing you immense hope and luck alongside a shiny and gorgeous birthday.

30) Wishing you the best of days and many happy times. Someone like you deserves an ocean full of merry happenings. Happy birthday dear friend.

31) You’re insane, mischievous and lazy. Yet you’re all good things a person ought to have. Keep shining. Keep inspiring. Happy birthday gorgeous.

32) Here’s to hoping you’d always make it to the top of all your aspirations and achievements. Love you like mad. Many more birthdays to go!

33) May God shower you with the Choicest of blessing and happiest of acquaintances. Feel pretty every day. You’re amazing and stay that way forevermore. Wishing you a sweet sixteenth birthday.

34) Remember that growing old is the only joy with the greatest of drawbacks. Never let that spirit waver. You got this today and every day. Happy birthday beautiful.

35) Here’s to escaping this death for soo long and messing up in brand new ways every year. Happy birthday. Keep the good work going. I know you’ll make me proud!

36) You’re timeless. You age like fine wine. I’m more than pleased to have been around you. I hope you love long and make the most of every little day. You make us want to live! Keep emanating that confidence that’s infectious. 

37) Well, I wonder how you came this far with that small little brain of yours? But you know what, that’s also one of my most favourite days. Love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday, asshole! Cheer up okay?

38) Maybe you’re as vintage as the colour teel or as classic as the vanilla flavour. But for me, you’ll stay nasty and super sassy. Yet, I send you more love today than any other day. Happy birthday YOU!

39) If you still haven’t experienced some jackass moments that drive you mad, welcome to Level 18, you are sure to be in that constant state of laziness and sleeplessness. Told you, 18 wouldn’t be half as intriguing as turning 15. So, let’s just do what we should and still break traffic rules. Bring it on! Happy birthday!!

In ‘Sixteen Candles’, where Samatha a charismatic and passionate teen is hopelessly and conveniently ignored by her entire neighbourhood on her sweet sixteenth birthday, she’s made to believe that life isn’t always about enjoyment and luxuries but of accepting the unknown. She then finds herself chasing this guy she fantasied about and hence her boring birthday becomes the most astounding one.
So, if it’s your birthday or not, it should be our sole motive to make every day count. Also checkout 37 Best Songs To Play At A Wedding

Well, at the end of the day, it’s wise to realise that we don’t need birthdays to cheer someone up or to speak our hearts out. We just want a quirky yet charming heart that can help you make someone’s day, any day.
Let’s start believing that Birthdays are just occasions to feel lively but it’s the everyday magic that you spew that makes the greater difference!

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