How to Be Happy Alone
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How To Be Happy Alone

How to be Happy Alone? It is not easy and it is not simple when a person is alone. When there is nobody to be with him to encourage him, to smile, to help him and to share with him your everyday life.


How To Be Happy Alone

Fear of Being Alone

How to Be Happy Alone

Facing loneliness can be frightening and painful.  Fear of loneliness often arises as a result of a number of our irrational beliefs that limit us and make us alive.  Additionally, beliefs like “I can’t live alone” or “I value less if I do not have a partner” leads us to make it essential for us to have anybody in our own life. And therefore we come in the situation of entering or staying in a relationship that does not fulfill us and does not satisfy us. Staying with someone who’s not what we want and what we deserve.

Fear of loneliness can lead us into the fact that we are always somewhere where something is happening, to be surrounded by a bunch of people, shallow acquaintances. It may lead us to alcohol, drugs, deep depression. The fear of loneliness prevents us from determining in real terms what’s really what satisfies us and makes us happy and pleased with the person.

Being alone isn’t easy, it’s often very hard, but being with someone and being lonely at exactly the same time is even tougher.


I’m alone

How to Be Happy Alone

There are periods when we feel lonely, helpless, lost, and hopeless. Seems like there are simply a couple of people who have not met loneliness. These phases of life usually come after some stressful situations: separation with a partner, death of a close person, relocation. We forget everything we knew.

There are different reasons for a lonely life like shyness, insecurity, a feeling of unacceptability. For many people, the life of one person appears dark and leaves them more vulnerable. However, there are also people who like a single life and live their life to the fullest. What is the simple fact is that the solitary is an increasingly frequent phenomenon — people with the status of”solo” are more and more.

The majority of the issues, troubles and the difficulties of life alone are known or can be assumed.

But let us be encouraged to examine the advantages of this sort of life, such as independence and freedom. We can arrange our time independently and we have the chance of making decisions on our own. We arrange social life as it suits us, we dress as we like, eat what we love.

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How to Take Care of a Solo Person

How to Be Happy Alone
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Although there are lots of benefits of living a life alone, we often can’t accept the benefits of this type of life. We just lose ourselves and do not know what to do with ourselves.

What’s the most important is to take the situation how it is now and not to repent or invoke a past, whatever it was. Let us take a look at ourselves and say to ourselves, “All right, you’re alone and what now, what could you do in order to meet your life, to learn how to enjoy what you presently have?”.

Simple things that help you in being happy alone:

  • The place where you live should be the most beautiful place on earth for you.  Arrange it so that you feel comfortable and relaxed in it, just how you love it.
  • Look at the mirror and see if you have something to change about yourself: hairstyles, hair color, modulate the weight, or whatever you like. Also, give yourself time and go along with actions to accomplish a change that will mean for you.
  • Begin to acquire new habits throughout the things you love: nature, recreation, museums, books, movies, cooking. In light of your duties create new routines: one to two times every week of cinema, walking, library, gym, etc..
  • Get yourself some hobbies, have some new interests and begin learning.
  • Connect with people that are dealing with similar interests. You’ll be amazed to have great people in this world with whom you can spend some time in pleasant and constructive conversations. Perhaps friendship is a skill taught from childhood, but it’s never too late. In groups with similar interests, you’ll find someone with whom you can get in contact.
  • If you have relatives or friends, do not wait for them to call you. Call them back and remind them that you exist. Get in touch, arrange some meetings and get out.
  • Allow yourself a wonderful trip. Based on the financial possibilities: from hiking trails, tours of locations in your country to remote destinations. Every departure from everyday life fills with new energy, new knowledge, and new excitement. Overcome shyness and go. You may enjoy yourself.
  • If you’re addicted to TV and the Internet, limit your time.
  • Get a pet. Just bear in mind that you assume the responsibilities and duties for another living being for several years. But this will make you happy.
  • Consider everything you wanted to do and you never did. And then, do it today.
  • Create a list of your goals and also plans to achieve these goals.
  • Hang out with your own thoughts. Be aware of them. How do your ideas flow? If they’re negative, start changing them. Consciously and systematically change your negative thoughts. Stop any negative ideas or thoughts coming up; do not give it your attention. Because, our thoughts can be our greatest friends, but also the worst enemies.


How To Become An Emotional Support To Yourself

How to Be Happy Alone

To summarize, it is most important to be self-support. At the end of every day tell yourself what you have been doing. When you see what you did on this day, tell yourself how proud and happy you are. Smile to yourself and be aware of what you’re capable of. Additionally, say to yourself that there isn’t any need for fear and regret because you have fulfilled your day. You’ve fulfilled yourself too.


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