How To Love Yourself
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How To Love Yourself

Falling in love with someone else is easy, but it is much harder to love yourself. There are several reasons that stop a person from loving themselves, It could be because they might have been teased about the way they look like a child or it could be the bad influence of the “perfect” looking people in the magazines, but whatever it may be, we should still learn the art of loving ourselves. That means loving every single thing about ourselves.

How To Love Yourself

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Here are the stages you need to follow to start accepting and loving yourself.


1. Distraction

How To Love Yourself

Distract yourself from all the negative thoughts that surround you. Start something new, get a hobby. When I went through this stage, I started running as a hobby, I soon ended up falling in love with it and when I was on the track, negativity would be the last thing I would think about. Running was my distraction, you could make anything your distraction, you could continue writing that book that you were once too busy to complete or you could impress your friends by cooking something delicious for, it could literally be anything other than something negative that’ll make you sad.


2. Acceptance

You can change the way you look but you can never change your inner self, so might as well love it right? Or would you rather spend your entire life complaining about how you hate yourself? This is who you are and it cannot be changed, No one can change it nor can you change it yourself. Be okay with who you are and that’s how you will start loving yourself. Accept everything about yourself, the way you look, the way you behave and also the way you are, be yourself and don’t change yourself for the world.


3. Confidence

How to Love Yourself

Confidence is the key to self-love. How can a person love themself when they are not even confident in themselves and whatever it is that they are doing? You got this! You are good at whatever it is that you are doing. You look fine, you always have looked perfect. No, that dress does not make you look bad. Your curves are lovely and so are you, nobody is going to judge you. People are busy being insecure about themselves, nobody is even going to notice your flaws. Why fear anyone else judging you? Stop judging yourself on the same basis that you think everyone else judges you on.


4. Forgiveness

Everyone has done something they are ashamed of, in the past, but it’s okay. Give yourself a break, forgive yourself, there is not a single person in this world who have not done something they shouldn’t have. The best way to forgive yourself as well as others are by getting closure. Different people find closure in different ways, some wounds heal with time and some don’t. It depends on how you deal with it. Forgiving and forgetting is truly the best policy that leads to self-love.


5. Listening to Yourself

How To Love Yourself

Never ever hide your emotions from yourself, it is okay to let it go sometimes. Stop hiding your feelings and emotions. Hiding it won’t result in it going away, instead, it will just make matters worse, so instead, just hear yourself and take time to think about yourself and your feelings and emotions. You will definitely enjoy your own company.


6. Being kind

Being kind to others makes you feel better about yourself. Spread love and you will just gain more of it. Do not be rude or mean to others, they have problems just like you, in their lives that you don’t know about, always remember that before you talk to anyone. Empathy is one of the best qualities a person could have, looking at the world through someone else’s perspective is a great way of understanding others.

With these methods, you can hopefully gain a love for yourself as well as spread love to others. Before you fall in love with someone else or try to find “the one” remember, love yourself first. Your mental health is way more important than anything else. Take care of yourself and love every bit of yourself. Don’t worry about being judged, live your life the way you want to live it.


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