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Taking a Break in a Relationship: Is it worth?


Thinking of taking a break in a relationship? Let’s find out how taking a break in a relationship really works. Have you ever been in a relationship where you love your partner but just can’t tolerate the fights? It might be a good time to take a break in the relationship. Usually, lovers take a break from each other quite often. But some of the couples need a longer break than others.

What is taking a break in a relationship really about?

Taking a break doesn’t mean a breakup. But in some cases, it ends up in a breakup as one of the partners realizes the relationship is not worth the time and effort.

When you take a break, you are putting your relationship through an strong test. You might want to see how would be your life without your partner and without relationship.

Taking time apart from each other can help clear the confusions and the internal doubts, and will help you both focus on your own faults and correct it.

Two Types of Breaks in a Relationship

There are two kinds of breaks in a relationship, one actually makes it good and the other one isn’t grateful.

Break that results in Makeup:

Do you really love your partner? Are you really interested in a relationship with them? If you take some time alone and think about it, your confusions might get sorted out, so it’s a good idea to take a break.

Break that results in a breakup:

Are you planning to take a break from the relationship just to go away from your partner?
Do you feel happy being alone than in relationship? Then the break might lead to a weak excuse just to end the relationship

Reasons To Take A Break in a Relationship

Continuous Fights, Fights & Fights!

If you and your partner can’t stop fighting and you both are in a never-ending conflict, it might be a good idea to take a break.

Taking a break from each other gives you space and understand what you really want in life.

According to relationship expert & advisor Steve :

“A break is often a welcomed reprieve from a relationship and a useful inflection point… It provides a valuable space for introspection and focusing on assessing your feelings within the relationship.”

You might realize your mistake or might decide that life is really better without your partner. Whatever it is, you will find an answer.

When you have doubts about the relationship and commitment

In a relationship, commitment is a huge thing. Commitments like moving in together or marriages can be doubtful for one or both of the partners.

When you give space and stay away from each other, you might really find an answer to your questions. It would be easier to clear your doubts.

If your partner has cheated on you, its a good time for a break.

Cheating. physically or emotionally, is a big thing for a lot of people. But usually, it’s very hard to leave your boyfriend or girlfriend after they cheated. It’s true if you are very attached to each other and you feel special with them.

Relationship advisor David Markson offers some great advice :

“Always follow what your heart tells you.. Remember the real you, The inner you deserves a lot better things than this.. If you are happy staying with your partner who cheated, then that is what works for you… If you know you will always be suspicious or can’t move on from what really happened, you have your answer.”

Take a break and think about it. Whether you can be with them or would it be a good idea to move on.

You no longer feel happy in the relationship

If you are not enjoying your relationship, and how your life would be if you weren’t in it, taking a break would provide you some space to think about it. If you take a break, for this reason, it’s important, to be honest to your partner about it.

Priorities Changed, Relationship isn’t a priority!

A healthy and happy relationship takes time and effort to build. You need to make time for each other and be with one another.

If you can’t provide the relationship your time, This doesn’t mean you have to be always talking and be with them for 24 hours. At least some times for the relationship would be fine, taking a break will help you realize things that you couldn’t see in the relationship.

If you give each other some space and time to think, and then come back stronger and better and the relationship will be fruitful.

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Reasons When Taking Break is not worth it

Just to win a fight or get the upper hand

It’s a bad idea to go on break with your partner just to win a fight or to get an upper hand in the relationship.

Actually, most of the “breaks” do end up in a breakup.

It’s highly likely that you’re taking this step to manipulate your partner and to gain control over them.

This may not be a great way to treat your partner and it might cause some severe damage to your love life that can’t be reversed.

There is a better idea than the “break”, you both could speak up and be honest about it. In the end, both of you will understand what was wrong and you get a chance to correct it.

You are attracted to someone else and you want to sleep with them

Many people think to break as an opportunity to sleep with someone else. This is one of the most common reasons for taking a break.

If you think you can take a break with your partner, sleep with someone else, and then get back together, you are taking things wrong!

Most people cannot get over the thought of their lover being in bed with someone else. Especially when they are at home, thinking about you and missing you.

Don’t use a break as an opportunity for such things. It’s not good for a healthy relationship.

Your problems can be solved by communication or therapy

Most of the times, issues in a relationship can be solved by the right communication or couple therapy.

You need to communicate with your partner in a calm and peaceful mind. Explain to them the problems what you think and also listen to what they say.

Sometimes simple things are the ones that cause problems in a relationship. Communicate and fix the problems for a healthy relationship.

If you are very serious about it, then a couple’s therapy would be a good idea before taking a break. A huge number of relationships have been saved due to couple therapy.

How can taking a break in a relationship help?

Most of you might have seen the famous TV show Friends, when Ross and Rachel took a break. Ross immediately slept with another girl, and then the things go worst.

If they had clear boundaries and guidelines, then it would be likely that ross wouldn’t do it, and they would get back together.

As they say,

” It’s all about rebalanccing and giving some space to think and clear the doubts about the relationship.”

You’ll miss each other:

If you truly love each other, taking a break and giving some space may make you both realize how much you need each other and depend on each other. It can also give a fresh start for the relationship.

Once you get to know the issues, it would be easy to fix those and have a healthy relationship.

How long should we take a break?


This is something that needs some serious thinking. Both of you must decide together the length of the break and both of you must keep your word and give space for each other.

It would be great if the break lasts for two weeks to sort the issues and get back together for a conversation.

But then it depends on the issues, how deep the issue is.


It’s a break only. It doesn’t mean you are ending the relationship. Sometimes, the break is all that is needed.

A break that helps you and your partner to realize the love for each other and get back stronger and building a healthier relationship.

It’s important to understand when to take a break and when not to. So you can truly heal your relationship.

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