51 Best Couple Tattoos Ideas – Relationship Goals

Love is a beautiful experience for anyone in this world. Earlier people used to exchange rings, lockets and various other personal things to show love. Nowadays it’s common to get a couple tattoo. Ink has replaced metal and many couples are matching their tattoos. Have you ever thought of making a tattoo? Are you thinking to get it done? TheSanviable presents you some of the best couple tattoos and ideas, and pick the one that you like the most!

While there are numerous options for matching couple tattoos, the final choice lies in the hands of the couple. They can ink the quotes, designs, pictures, and also names.

Most of the couples prefer couple tattoos with rings, while some prefer some secret numbers or symbols.

The best tattoos are sometimes simple and minimalistic yet appealing. Keep it simple as we say, You can pick a tattoo that has a deep lovely meaning for you two.

Here are 51 Best Couple Tattoos Ideas:

1. Puzzle Couple Tattoos

Puzzle Couple Tattoo Ideas


2. Barcode Couple Tattoos

Barcode Couple Tattoos


3. Fingerprint Heart Tattoo Design

amazing couple tattoos


4.King and Queen Tattoo Design

King and queen tattoo design


5.  Yin Yang Tattoo Design

yin yang tattoo


6. I Love You Tattoo Design

Couple tattoo design


7.  Cartoon Couple Tattoo Design

cartoon couple tattoo ideas


8. Lock and Key Tattoo



9. Design Connection Tattoo

couple design tattoo


10. Food-loving Couple Tattoo

Food-loving Couple Tattoo


11. Triangle Couple Tattoo

Triangle Couple Tattoo


12. Couple Arrow Tattoo

 Couple Arrow Tattoo


13. Matching Skull Couple Tattoo

Matching Skull Couple Tattoos


14. Four Leaf Clover Tattoo

Four Leaf Clover Tattoo


15.  Heartbeat Couple Tattoo

Best Couple Tattoo designs


16. Matching Heartbeat Line Tattoo

heart beat line tattoo


17. King and Queen Letter Couple Tattoo 

King and queen tattoo


18. Infinity Love Couple Tattoo

Infinity Love Couple Tattoo


19.  Love Phone Couple Tattoo

Love phone couple tattoo


20. Anchor Couple Tattoo



21. Mr. & Mrs. Tattoo

couple tattoo ideas


22. Letter Couple Tattoo on Wrist

Letter Couple Tattoo on Wrist


23. Heartbeat Couple Tattoo

Heartbeat Couple Tattoo


25. Roman Wedding Date Tattoo

Roman Wedding Date tattoo


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26. Origami Birds Couple Tattoo

Origami Birds Couple Tattoo


27. Hearts Couple Tattoo

heart tattoo for couples


28. Winged Heart Tattoo

Winged Heart Tattoo


29. Minnie and Mickey Mouse Tattoo

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Tattoo


30. Wedding Date Couple Tattoos

Wedding Date Couple Tattoos


31. King and Queen Crown Couple Tattoo

King and Queen Crown Couple Tattoo
Image: Pinterest


32. Arrow and Heart Tattoo

Arrow and heart tattoo


33. XO Couple Tattoo

Couple Tattoo Ideas


34. Musical Heart Tattoo

Musical Heart Tattoo


35. Couple Wedding Ring Tattoo

Couple Wedding Ring Tattoo


36. Cute Couple Panda Tattoo

Cute Couple Panda Tattoo


37. Couple Finger Heart Tattoo

couple finger tattoos


38. Forever Together Couple Tattoo

Forever Together Couple Tattoo 


39. Quotes Tattoo for Couple

Quote tattoos for couple


40. Artistic Heart Tattoos

Heart Tattoos for couples


41. Cute Panda Couple Tattoo

Cute panda couple tattoo


42. Skull Crown Couple Tattoo

skull crown couple tattoo


43. Couple Love Tattoo

Couple Love Tattoo


44. Quotes Tattoo for Couple

Quotes Tattoo for Couple


45. Couple Heart Symbol Tattoo

Couple Heart Symbol Tattoo


46. Disney Couple Tattoos

Disney Couple Tattoos


47. Skull Couple Tattoo

Skull Couple Tattoo


48. Wolf Couple Tattoo Design

Wolf Couple Tattoo Design


49. Country Couple Tattoo Design

Country Couple Tattoo Design


50. Anchor with Heart Tattoo for Couple

Anchor with heart tattoo


51. You and Me Couple Tattoo

You and me tattoo


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