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11 Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas For This Christmas


Secret Santa! What an innocent little game but what a task to think of the perfect gift to give to the person you’ve chosen to be the secret Santa for! It is bad as it is to guess something special for someone you know but it is even worse when you barely have any knowledge about that person. Don’t worry cause I’ve got you covered with the best Secret Santa gift ideas for this Christmas.

Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas For This Christmas


It is always a great idea to get a journal for a friend as a way of helping them track their work. A journal can always be helpful in listing down the different tasks and arranging them accordingly.

So, a planner, especially the one with different colors, important dates page, lists and logs of every little thing can be a pleasant gift.


A Starbucks cup sounds bizarre, right? But what if the Starbucks cup has their name printed on it, along with a few doodles?

You can find sellers on Etsy and other stores that will design any name of your choice on a Starbucks cup. A simple yet cute present.


We all know of the global crisis that is happening currently and the unfortunate effects of the usage of plastic straws on a turtle and other aquatic creatures. A stainless-steel straw can be the perfect gift this Christmas, because it is not only environment-friendly but also reduces the use of plastic.


A plain pair of socks? BORING! How about a pair of socks that has your friends face on it? Or your face on it? Or both of your faces, together? The choice is yours.

You can find a number of sites online that render the service of printing out your choice of pictures on any pair of socks.


While we are on the topic of customized presents, you can gift your friend a personal decorative ornament for their Christmas tree. It is not only budget-friendly but also will remind your friend of you every time they look at their Christmas tree.


Christmas is the time to have one’s room smell like cookies, cinnamon or pine. There are a number of smells that come to mind when we think of Christmas and what another way to have them linger inside your home throughout the holidays, other than with the help of Christmas scented aroma diffuser!


What a better way to enjoy Christmas than with a glass of that amazing wine! There is always time for a glass of wine and Christmas is the best example of all, it shows how thoughtful of a gift a bottle of wine is.

You can also pair it up with a set of customized wine glasses if you wish.


Speaking of drinking, it is always a good habit to make use of coasters while you are having a drink, be it any liquor or any simple soda.

For your secret Santa gift, you can give a set of coasters with some words or some intricate designs on it. The possibilities are numerous on this one.


A scarf, a wrap or a pashmina, whatever you want to call it, is the perfect Christmas present for this chilly winter holiday season and also a fabulous fashion statement. It is a two-in-one deal. You’re welcome.


A lot of people usually travel to their hometowns for Christmas to be able to spend time with their families. Naturally, long trips can cause exhaustion and the inability to sleep.

In this case, a neck pillow can be extremely helpful to get some rest while on a journey.

You can also find neck pillows with some cute animal prints on them too.


Coupons or gift cards are the perfect secret Santa gifts for people you may not be well acquainted with. A coupon for a spa day can be a good choice among all other coupon services because it is more of a general luxury gift rather than a personal one because of the
rather general nature of secret Santa gift exchange.

Is that a great list of secret Santa gifts or what?

We hope we were of great help to you. As always, don’t forget to comment down below, what your favorite choice of gift was.

Have a Merry Christmas. We will see you soon.

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