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How To Start Youtube Channel

Isn’t it crazy how people make a living out of just posting random videos on YouTube? Recording videos, editing them and posting them. So simple right? It’s not only about recording videos and posting them. The content that you produce is obviously the most important part of having a YouTube channel. There are a number of things to be kept in mind before you actually record and post a video online. Here are some simple tips on how to you start YouTube channel. 


1. Plan Ahead of Time

tips to start youtube channel

Every YouTube video, whether it’s under the category of comedy or education, planning the aspects of the video properly and in a systematic order is essential to produce a worthy video. If you’re just starting out, obviously you don’t have to have a big plan or a professional blueprint of the order of the things in the video, but planning in advance, the edits, the music, the sound effects, etc will help in making a watch-worthy video. 


2. Use Appropriate Cameras and Audio Gadgets

how to start youtube channel

Every video you make should compulsorily have a suitable camera for recording. You could use your phones for recording, as long as you are using the rear camera of course or you could invest in a cheap but efficient camera that is fit for your style of recording. 


3. Use Appropriate Microphones

tips to start new youtube channel

For the audio recording, you could use the inbuilt microphone in your phones or cameras, but the built in voice recorders do not include much noise cancellation and your video can end up including every little sound that it gets exposed to. Just like a camera, it is advisable to invest in an external microphone for your camera or phone, but it is not a necessity if you are unable to afford one. 


4. Learn the Art of Editing

how to start your youtube channel

Most people on YouTube gain their subscribers merely for the editing that is involved in their videos. Fortunately, YouTube also includes those creators who teach others whatever they are good at, including editing. So, with the help of such YouTubers, you too can learn to edit your videos just like them. If you cannot afford to purchase any professional editing applications, there are tons of free apps out there at your service, including windows movie maker, Lightworks, etc.


5. Choose Copyright-free music

how to start your youtube channel

Usage of copyrighted music in your videos is strictly against the rules of YouTube and may get you negative points for your channel. When adding background music or sounds to your videos, make sure to select those that are copyright free to save you from some serious trouble. You can find multiple sites out there which provide links to copyright free music or you can also access the YouTube audio library for free and choose the music of your choice for your videos.


6. Present yourself appropriately

How to start new youtube channel

You do not have to deck yourself up from top to bottom for a simple video to be posted online. Presenting yourself does not necessarily mean to apply loads of makeup or style your hair every time you make a video. You simply may want to look a bit more appealing than your normal self which may include wearing neat clothes, adjusting your hair and all in all just looking better for the mere fact that you’re on camera.


7.  Do What You Love 

best tips to start a youtube channel

The main thing to keep in mind when starting a YouTube channel is to have fun. Put out whatever content you are interested in and be respectful of people’s feelings. The more fun you have, the better the content comes out because it will appear more natural rather than giving the impression of being over the top and fake. 

Now that you know everything needed to start a YouTube channel, grab that camera and start recording. In this path, you may receive a number of obstacles like those inevitable negative comments or the slow growth of your channel, but remember that it is all a part of the growth and nothing happens overnight. Try to put in the required hard work and don’t lose hope if you feel discouraged about the slow growth of subscribers. Keep posting regularly and keep posting relevant content to raise your number of subscribers. 

We sincerely hope this helps you start your YouTube channel asap. 

As always, we hope we were of some use to you. Write your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Until next time. Goodbye!  


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