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11 Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Hello, my beautiful readers! I know all of you are excited and waiting for February 14- Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a beautiful day where lovers make promises, exchange gifts, confess love and it is the day that is filled with love, happiness, heartbreaks, etc…Whatever it may be, we need to keep our plans ready! And I am sure that you are reading this because you are puzzled about your plan. So here we are with 11 Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day.


Cool wind, soothing waves, a bunch of happiness around! What can be better right? this is one of the perfect plans that you can choose to spend your day. It would be very fascinating to spend your time near the beach, the beach always creates some wonderful memories.


Do not forget your sunglasses, sunscreen, and your beach dress!!


Olive Garden? Mc Donalds? Nahhh!!!


This is your day. Both of you have to spend time together and make the best of memories. Cooking together and helping each other sounds so good, isn’t it? And I am quite sure it is too romantic. Cook your favorite food for each other and have a small tasting session. Enjoy the meal along with some deep conversation and glass of wine!



When was the last time you went for a movie with your partner? Either spend the day at the theatre watching some new movie or watching all the favorite movies you’ll like either on Netflix or in the Drive-in park in your Neighbourhood.

Watching a movie with your loved one can make you aware of each other’s hidden emotions and can be a great time to spend with each other.

4. LONG DRIVES- Isn’t it one of the perfect date ideas for Valentine’s Day?


Long drives are always joyous and intimate. It will be an amazing time for a long drive where you can enjoy each other’s company and listen to the radio or some of your favorite music albums.



No matter what, candlelight dinner will always be many of our first ideas and will never get faded. Enjoying a good dinner with warm soft light is so good.

This is a good plan. because we always look in dim lights!



Visit a theme park with your bae. Enjoy different rides, shows and taste various food treats there! It can be an adventurous and fun-filled experience for both of you.

Go for it, it will be a day to remember.



Shopping is always a perfect plan!

If you really want to impress your girl, then this is it.this is the best way to make her happy and cheer to her big wide smile. Get her something she was longing for a really long time.



Visiting old memories like watching old videos, albums seeing your old pictures from where you have started and recalling those moments will be the best plan ever.

You can make it more interesting by giving a surprise! Recreate your first date or to decorate the room with old pictures to make your partner feel special.



If you both are the ones who are happy to enjoy the company of other couples and share your love story with them, then this would be a great idea where you can join your other couple friends (even parents and grandparents for that matter of fact) and go for some adventure trip or a simple dinner.

Who wouldn’t be blessed to get some love advice from an experienced cute couple- Nonna and Nonno(Highly Recommended)



February’s are usually cold, and bonfire is a great idea.

You can just enjoy bonfire alone or you can complement it with a simple bbq party! Sing or Play an instrument for your partner to make the experience more romantic. It’s simply one of the best date ideas for Valentine’s Day

11. SPEND TIME TOGETHER DATE- No matter where!


Apart from all the ideas of going out, you really need to spend time with each other where both of you need to talk and love each other, understand each other and give a great company to each other’s crazy side.

Think over! This might be the perfect plan you were looking for!

I hope this Feb 14 brings you all the happiness. I wish each longing Heart finds love. Every broken heart gets healed.

Have a very wonderful, great and a pleasant Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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