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7 Movies On Veganism You Must Watch

There are several reasons one might want to turn vegan. Promising to turn vegan is easy but what’s hard is actually keeping your promise and following it. The first step to turning vegan is by looking at all the ill effects of eating meat and what better way to do that than watch a bunch of movies about veganism and guilt yourself into not eating meat? We have a few movies that might just do its job and help you turn vegan.


1. Vegucated (2011)

best movies on veganism
Image- Vegucated

After interviewing a bunch of people, director, Marisa Miller Wolfson chose 3 participants to follow in the challenge of being a vegan for 3 weeks. The first contestant Ellen, who works as a psychiatrist, a single mother and also a part-time comedian. The second contestant Tesla is a college student. And the third contestant Brian, who loves meat. It is very interesting to see how hard it is to be a vegan and will definitely tell you the benefits of making this intense and huge change to your diet.


2. Dominion


must watch movie on veganism
Image- Dominion

Modern animal agricultural industries make it seem as if everything is fine and the animals are treated with care. But a few hidden cameras are more than enough to expose these animal agricultural industries for what they actually are. The cruelty with which these poor animals are treated is a terrible sight to watch but it definitely does help you turn vegan. Anyone with a heart would sympathize with these poor animals suffering under the “care” of humans. It is movies like these that make us wonder, who here is the actual animal?It is one of the best movies on Veganism.


3. The End of Meat (2017)

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Image- The End of Meat

Not to scare the meat-eaters reading this, but eating a lot of meat is definitely not the healthiest thing you can do. I agree, eating particular types is good and healthy for you. But what about the other kinds of meat? “The end of meat” reveals the long term side effects of meat consumption. It not only tells us what we are doing wrong but also gives us tips on how to improve our diet and eat better to actually be healthy. This is one of the best movies to watch if you are looking to get healthy.


4. Food Choices (2016)

must watch vegan documentary
Image- Food Choices

“Food choices” is a documentary that explores the effects of our food choices. The world-renowned experts like Dr. T Colin Campbell, Dr. Richard Oppenlander, Rich Roll, Joe Cross, Dr. John McDougall, Capitan Paul Watson and many more tell us about our diet and how it affects us as well the earth and what we can do to help solve this problem. After watching this movie you are surely going to edit your grocery list.

5. Eating you alive (2018)

Image- Eating You Alive

America is known for several things, but being healthy is definitely not one of them. This America based movie tells us different ways in which what we eat is slowly destroying and killing us. To say the least, this movie is going to terrify you and make you look twice at what you put into your mouth. It also tells the alterations we can do to our diet to take small steps towards achieving our goal of living for long while being healthy.


6. Live and let live (2013)

Image- Live and Let Live

Six vegans, tell us the different things about how their life changed after turning to veganism. These people include and actual former butcher and a factory farmer. If a butcher can go vegan, what is stopping you? This documentary examines the relationship between animals and humans. It also shows us the positive effect on the environment that will take place if we go vegan.


7. Meat the truth (2007)

best movie on veganism
Image- Meat The Truth

Climate change, this subject is constantly under the light right now. But you haven’t done anything to contribute to this climate change, right? What if I tell you livestock farming generates the most greenhouse gas, even when compared to all the vehicles in the world combined together? Well, that is not good, now is it? This movie will change the way you look at meat forever.

I hope this list of the movies about veganism helped you out. Suddenly changing to veganism is never easy but stay strong and keep working hard, if you do then you will definitely feel healthier and happier.


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