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Top 9 New Year Resolutions For 2020

The new year is right around the corner. It’s time to make way for your new year resolutions. So grab your notepad as I help you pen down your resolution for this year. But before that, let’s keep in mind to keep it simple. This way we will be able to keep up with it all through the year. So here we go!


7 New Year Resolutions


new year resolutions for 2020
Reading books is always something that will help you in multiple ways. For starters, it helps you to get a stronger grip over your language skills and improves your memory retention capacity. It is also known to reduce stress automatically in the process of developing your imagination and creativity. All you have to do is pick a book of your choice and spend a little part of your day reading it. Simple, isn’t it? Every month, pick a different genre, say, romantic for January? Then go for a thriller
next month! This way by the end of the year, you will be done with 12 books, of different genres and authors. That’s cooler than you think!



new year resolutions

This is one of the most frequently taken resolutions every year. But what is even more frequent, is the rate at which this particular resolution is broken. But let’s try to keep up with it this time and with full gusto!

Gymming is going to help you improve the rate at which your mind functions, resulting in better and faster decision making ability. Break that sweat in the gym this year and look at how amazing you feel every day!

A naturally glowing skin that pollution today has made difficult to have, you’ll have at the end of every energizing workout. Compliment your workout by eating healthy and this will definitely make heads turn to you! Let’s get you into that dress you left behind during your shopping spree…Get those abs sculpted which you’ve been thinking of all these years!



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Prioritize your mental health, over anything else this year. The best way to calm yourself down is to meditate.

Pick the early hours of the day and just close your eyes to meditate. It is even better when you chose to do it in the open air, maybe by the river or just in your balcony.

Feel the air mess with your hair. Listen to the bird’s chirp. Let the beauty of the nature sink into your mind. Most importantly, listen to yourself. Accept your flaws, and strive to improve yourself a little bit more, every day.

Believe in yourself and watch yourself unravel to the best version of you.



new year resolutions

How wonderful would it be to say goodbye to that habit of yours which has been pulling you down knowingly or unknowingly, all this while? Let’s get that dream into reality now!

Think of a habit that has been bad for you or, say, annoying you loved and close ones. It may be something dangerous like smoking or drinking, or something as small as dumping your wet towel on the bed or not doing your laundry for a long time.

Now fix it in your head that you need to stop this mess before it gets worse and 2020 is the best year you could ever chose! It’s going to be now or never!


new year resolutions

This year, learn to say no. Say no to negativity. Say no to the people who pull you down. Say no to anything that kills your vibe. Not just that, apply this in your office or school schedule too! Say no to the colleague who is asking you to finish his work before the deadline.

Say no to that friend who is making you do all the hassle. Enough of being too sweet to everybody, how about getting a little salty to a few this year? 



new year resolutions

This year, make a resolution to spend some time with yourself. Take a break. Go shopping. Pack those bags and get on that plane! Go trekking! Do anything that makes you happy and a better version of yourself. Rejuvenate and unwind this year, and don’t think about what people say. Let them talk as you better yourself. This year, love yourself, a little more!



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This may seem old school, but trust me old school is gold! Maintain a diary where you write down all the things that you experienced. It may be something exciting or something sad. If not every day, then at least once a week, where you “talk” to your diary. If possible, add in some pictures to your notes. It will not only make your daily journal colorful but also make it a collection of memories. Imagine, a few years down the line when you open this book, you will have a wonderful trip down the memory lane. Trust me, this process may be a little tedious, but all of it will be worth it!



If you are a foodie, then this will be your cup of tea! Once every week, visit a new place to satisfy your cravings! Start your own blog where you would share your feedback on the food you relish! With time, there would be chances of you becoming a happening food blogger in town! And then look at all the invites that flow into your mail from different places!



Let’s talk about facts. Danger can pop up anytime. An emergency can come up from anywhere. It may be you, or it may be somebody
you know. Or it may be someone you don’t know. If you are one of those who is always ready to help, take a resolution to
donate blood regularly this year! And if your blood group is a rare one, then you my reader, will be an angel to many 🙂

And there you go! I hope your notepad has at least something written down there 😀 If not, then don’t worry! You still have another month to go until the new year and I am pretty sure 2020 is just going to be your year! These are some new year resolutions for your upcoming year.

Happy New Year in Advance to all the readers!

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