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21 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Are you thinking about Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas? Love, as easy as it is to pronounce it, is the most fragile yet beautiful virtue life can offer. It’s not every day you fall in love, but when you do, there is no feeling that surpasses its wonders. Love has a gazillion different ways of making it’s presence felt. Be it the way you adore your pet, the way you dote your younger ones, the way you can’t get over a character you’ve just finished reading about, the unmatched feeling that brews in you when you see mom and most of all the way you see yourself. Love underlines them all!

Sometimes, experiencing true love is not everyone’s cup of tea. Fate is an evil genius. Instead, it’s wise to first love your inner conscience, meaning, love yourself! Only then will your ability to adore another human enhance. Love, as in most dimensions usually is associated with two beings falling for each other. It’s this latent attraction at first that is lifted up and termed love soon enough. Two star-struck lovers and their utterly unfeigned love for each other is put to test on, guess what day?
Valentine’s Day!

It’s that time in the year where all the Romeos strive as hard as they can to woo their Juliets with the warmest of gestures.
It’s more than just sheer ecstasy a person in love can experience when the 14th of February is around the corner and all that crosses your mind is how to lift the spirits of your lover.

As far as gifts on Valentine’s day is concerned, it’s always wise and wonderful to gift your beloved something he/she would never get for themselves. Gifts aren’t merely stuff to hoard as a memory of the giver but vastly questions the thoughtfulness of the giver. Gifts should be as modest and cheerful as a Christmas Carol and not too dear or trivial. Thus, it’s nothing less than a mind-game that you get yourself into while figuring out the best thing to hand over as a token of your love!
Here are some things that we’ve listed that might come to your rescue when you’re in an obvious pickle!

21 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

1) Bouquet Of Roses

Now, this might sound Cliché and orthodox and a thing of the 90s but trust me no present can be as refreshingly soothing as a bouquet of roses. Well, Roses are said to be an epitome of admiration and affection. So, this might help you win your lover over, again! Also, Roses are Nature-friendly!

2) Mix-Tapes

Well, another overly underrated and Old-school way to express love is mix-tapes. Back in time, couples usually followed this to convey unsaid thoughts through mix-tapes just so listening to them each time would help the listener acknowledge love.

3) Lockets and Clovers

Nothing beats lockets and clovers. They’re always everyone’s prized possesions because they have in the little slots to put in the pictures of your loved ones. So, you better go get one.

4) Snow Globes

Snow Globes are pretty fancy and are adorable to look at. So, this might just make a lovely gift on Valentines’ Day.

5) Good Book

Maybe a Good Book would do just the trick to please your lovers. Write a little inscription in it and hand it over as a present. Well, reading has it’s own benefits. Love Rosie, The notebook, The fault in our stars are some Young Adult fictions. Go grab one.

6) DVD of 1980s Julia Robert’s

Giving your loved one a DVD of 1980s Julia Robert’s or new-age fantasy Kate Hudson’s Romantic Comedies to sit back and watch, cry, laugh a little more might be a good thought. Well, watching Romcoms can be absolutely relieving. Think it over Pal.

7) Maybe write a letter

Maybe write a letter. Write stuff that would leave the other one in awe and silence. Put your feelings and thoughts about one another in writing and probably that might do just fine. Make sure you send in a greeting card along with with it just to up your presentation.

8) Give away a box of chocolates.

I mean, who hates chocolates? Well, Dark chocolates are a thing for lovers while it’s like a potion to your heart too. These double benefits might just land you in luck.

9) Flowery-Flowy Gown

You can always gift your better half a flowery-flowy gown that not only sounds dreamy but is also comforting. As for a guy, blue denim might be just the thing. Make sure you know their preferences!

10) Walk Around The City

Sometimes all it takes is a long, chatty, kiddish walk around the city with a romantic playlist and each other’s company. So, go ahead make your loved one smile wider that day.

11) Bracelets

More than anything else little trinkets like charms, bracelets, and showpieces serve as lifelong memories. A mere look at those brings back a rush of merry memories.

12) Handmade Cards

Handmade cute little shinny cards with funny messages on post-its never go out of trend. So, put your thinking caps on and give them a lovely piece of your imagination. I am sure this will definitely cheer anyone up.

13) Surprise Dinner

Surprise dinner and coffee dates out of the blue are everybody’s fascination. So, plan out something romantic, take them out to dine on their favorite cuisine and make it all worthwhile.

14) Soft toys, Teddy bears

Soft toys, teddy bears, dream-catchers and pillows with a photo-etched on it will without a doubt make anybody happy. There you go, go get them!

15) Jhumkas for Girls

A pair of shimmering Jhumkas for girls while a classic watch for guys will seal your deal. Grab the bests for your loved ones.

Customized Coffee Mugs

Customized Coffee mugs and jars with cute little thoughts and pictures will remind them of you every day, every sip.

17) Polaroids Collection

A collection of all your memorable polaroids compiled as an album will stir you to feel you have for each other a little more each page after page.

18) An Assorted Gift Box

An assorted gift box of everyday mundane stuff like colorful miss-matched socks, a jar of candies, scrunchies, balloons, keyholders, shades of nail paint and photo frames really do the magic.

19) You can always rely on their fandoms!

Collectibles are all-purpose gifts. Make sure you know if she fancies Harry Potter, Marvel or the Game of Thrones or anything and gets her merchandise or a toy.

20) Tickets for Two

Well, nothing beats tickets for two to the yearly ball where a dance on the tunes of a romantic melody makes anyone’s day. Well, make sure you pick them up on time! Also, remember, “On time is late”.

21) Messages in a Bottle

A messages in a bottle, a planned treasure hunt to discover surprise gifts, pizza parties steal the limelight at all times.

Also make sure you fit in extra-large comforting bear hugs from your side as a tag with all these 21 Valentine’s Day Gift ideas!
Ultimately, Your kind of love may not be as perfectly imperfect as Rachel and Ross’s or as Ted and Robin’s,
but there can’t be any possible force in the universe that has it in it to stop you from reprising your love and giving your loved one immense hope that no matter what happens, you’ll stick around anyday.

Also, let’s not forget that sometimes, it’s perfectly fine to not have a Valentine afterall.
It takes a braveheart to enjoy the loneliness alongside a freshly brewed mug of steaming coffee, a bowl of mac and cheese happily binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S!
Hope you all find love in your own little ways!
Happy Valentine’s Day anyways!
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