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11 Best Things To Do In Disneyland


Disney Land! One phrase that can get you excited no matter what you do! One of the best ever creations by man, where you can actually see, meet and greet your favorite Disney characters! From Mickey and his family to the royal, yet humble princesses, everything for your eyes to see and your heart to enjoy. Disney land is a beautiful dream. A dream that every single one of us with its knowledge wishes to live and experience. We here at Sanviable, really hope that all of them alive on earth should get a chance to visit Disney land! But when you go there, what will you do?? Don’t you worry! Here are 11 best things to do in Disneyland.


Image: Disneyland Parade

The Disney Land Parade! Where all that we watched on television come alive right before our eyes! Mickey showing off his moves with snoopy, Cinderella waving at you with all the grace and love and mind-blowing stunts and tricks by the paradians! Your Disney fantasy coming alive right before you. This is something that you wouldn’t want to miss at all! Two tips to remember, take the front row for the best experience, and don’t forget to video or click photos! These memories are what you will cherish later. It takes an approximate 11 minutes from the first parade bar to the last, all you have to do, is enjoy every second of it! 🙂


Image: Disneyland Fireworks

Watch the night sky light up with dazzling fireworks at Disney land! What’s a better ending than a brightly lit up sky at the end of the day? After you are done with all the crazy rides, you would definitely be exhausted. Just wait for it the clock to strike 9:30, all your tiredness would vanish as the sky lights up with a million lights of different colors! Lean back and enjoy these 20 minutes of your amazing day!


Image-Disney Characters

The Town Square at Disney land has the Royal Hall. This is home to the Disney princesses! Every day, three princesses from Disney World would be awaiting to meet you. Once you enter, you can show your ticket or Disney card to the photographer, who will then click you with the princess. Now you’ve got a precious memory to treasure!


Image: New Orleans Square

After a long long day, your stomach must have given up on You! XD

As much as you want to try all the rides and attend all the events within the little time that you have, you cannot go hard on your stomach. Visit the New Orleans Street for sumptuous food and world-class ambiance. From cafes to hotels to just normal street food, this square has it all!! So fill your tummy with food and your body with energy because you have a lot more to explore!


Image: Disneyland Streetfood

Excitement is at its peak with You, we know. But it is also a known fact that Disney land is a world attraction and people from various places are going to visit. This calls for long queues. Every ride has a waiting line of at least 20 minutes on a usual basis. Unless you have a fast pass, you need an ocean of patience. Why not get your hands on the street food and chew on them as you wait for your chance in the ride? You definitely cannot miss the churro cart, the candy apples, and the dole whips! Let’s get you snacking your way through the waiting lines 😉


Image: Enchanted Tiki Room

The Tiki room is the best portrayal of the talking Tikki culture from America. It is a pseudo-Polynesian musical animatic and an electronic representation of talking birds, animals and flowers. You will get hooked to ‘The Tiki Tiki Tiki song’ by the Sherman Brothers, as the tiki drummers and tiki totem poles dance to the tunes. As you exit, the song played thank you for going through the ride. A completely lovely experience!


Image: It’s a Small World Ride

This is a water-based dark ride located in Fantasy land. Here, you can appreciate traditions and culture from different corners of the world. This ride was installed with the intention of showcasing unity among different countries in the world. This is ride is not just enjoyable but also educational! As you exit, you will find yourself humming to the song ‘It’s a Small World’ by Sherman Brothers!


Image: Mark Twain Riverboat

As children, all of us surely wished to pilot and steer the wheel of Mark Twain’s’ Riverboat, didn’t we? So here is a secret! Find a cast member before you board the boat, and ask him if you could be their special guest. He will take you to a private door on the second floor of the cruise. On knocking, the pilot of the boat will open up. He will later lead you to a secret staircase where you will find the steering wheel!! Bot just that, on completion, you get a signed pilots license to add on to your happiness 🙂


Image: Mad Tea Party Ride

This ride is literally a mad party! As you remain seated in those pretty painted teacups, the saucers are placed on the turn at different velocities. The happiness on your faces at this time is priceless! However, if you have a problem with the speed, check on the color of the cup you sit in. For example, the brown cups rotate at a higher speed, the teacups that have hearts painted on them will turn at a slower pace. Pick your cup and live the moment!


Image: The Haunted Hallway

The haunted mansion is for all the ones who love to experience horror and especially the brave hearts! As you get seated on your ride and enter the mansion, the lighting, characters and set up will surely give you goosebumps! But did you know that the haunted mansion has a secret tour? Again, for this, you need to sweetly as a cast member, if you find any, if they could take you on a secret tour. If the number of visitors on the day is less, you may get a chance to visit the pet cemetery! Try your luck the next time you visit Disney Land. <3

Every attraction in Disney land is a different experience. An experience you would never want to forget! Always remember, if you want to cover and witness the vast magic of Disney Land, then come over before the park opens, you don’t want to get lost among the crowd later in the day!

Enjoy the moment, and live your day to the best our lovely readers!

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