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Things You Can Do on Flight to Entertain Yourself


Tell me one thing honestly how often are you bored while travelling on flights. Well I’m sure most of you’ll can relate, because they are boring unless we make it interesting. So here a few things you can do on a flight.


Your flight duration may be long or short but make sure you carry your headphones along with your portable mobile phone,laptop and iPad. Also don’t forget to download the music, movies or TV series as WiFi will not be available on all airlines



This is the most appropriate time for you to indulge in reading books. Keep a paperback book of your choice in your handbag and avoid carrying heavy and bulky hardcover books. In case you forget to get one you can always buy one at duty-free stores in your airport or have a glance at the magazines and newspapers given to you in your flight.


With a hectic life and busy work schedule, we often forget about self-assessment. Journaling or writing diary may be a good way to make your flight entertaining. You can carry a few color pens if you’re good at sketching out your experiences.


Often when you don’t have access to the things mentioned above it may become quite boring. In order to keep yourself entertained get to know the ones flying with you. Start a conversation with your fellow passengers and who knows you might end up being great friends while sharing your travel experiences and perhaps also plan a vacation together.


Incase you have loads of work to be completed this may be the best time for you to complete them. As airlines allow laptops and also other portable gadgets, try to finish off all your pending work so that you can enjoy your vacation after you reach the destination.


Have a good sleep and wake up with a fresh face. Make your flight experience better by taking relaxing massages at spas in the airport before you board your flight.


I personally love to watch movies on flights that provide entertainment facilities and on the others I love to sleep. I always carry a small journal with me while I’m travelling and list out the places that I would like to go after I reach the destination. This is what I do to keep my time on flights entertaining.
Thank you so much for reading.I hope this blog post helps you,ll to enjoy your flight.

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